For Programmers


Genre: Documentary/Narrative Hybrid

Running Time: 73 minutes

Broadcast Availability: All markets

FIN4_generic_programmer one sheet 8x11


Original Format: 1080p High Definition Video, Shot at 24p with Canon 7D and Canon 5D Mark II

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Director: Nadine M. Patterson

Producer: Marlene G. Patterson

Composer: Lenny Seidman

Choreographer: Zane Booker

Lead Actors: Alexandra Bailey (Lady Macbeth); Brian Anthony Wilson (Macduff)

Production Company: Harmony Image Productions

Country of Production: USA

Language: English

Screening Formats: DCP [Digital Cinema Package]; BluRay; NTSC HDCAM; NTSC DVD

Closed Captioned: Yes

Subtitles: French

Production Company: Harmony Image Productions, Inc.

Locations: Philadelphia and Glenside Pennsylvania

Year of Production: 2011

Post Production Completed: 2012

Released on Film Festival Circuit: 2012

Limited Theatrical Release via Tugg Inc. 2014: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York


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