Classroom DVD

“We, the viewers, are invited to engage in the film’s tango of power, responsibility, and consequences through director Nadine Patterson’s artistic choices to recast and re-present Shakespeare’s Macbeth in ways that reflect cultural histories and rhythms with African and multicultural roots.”   —- Dr. Joan May T. Cordova @ForCommunities

Tango MacBeth EVOD 1

TANGO MACBETH is in beta testing at the Tugg University Film Library. Sign up here: You can purchase the rights to stream the film online at your institution. Rates range are flexible, simply ask Tugg for the package that fits your organization. A complete transcript is available while you watch the film, study guide, Spanish subtitles and educational footnotes about Macbeth.

DVD’s are available for libraries and classroom use at educational institutions. For $57.95 you can purchase, directly from us, an 11 chapter DVD with Closed Captioning and French subtitles.

This innovative film is perfect for teaching MACBETH within the 21st Century classroom. A study guide is available for free at this link.



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