(in order of appearance)

Brian Anthony Wilson:Macduff

Wendy Staton: Witch/Old Woman

Valerie Heckel:Witch/Murderer/Mistress

Eric Suter: Witch/Murderer/Macbeth

Carlo Campbell: Macbeth

Veronica Wathome: Banquo

Alexandra Bailey: Lady Macbeth

Jessyca Marie Lam: Gentle Woman, Attendant to Lady Macbeth

James Tolbert: King Duncan

Comfort Dassin: Fleance

Rashan Jackson: Donalbain/Angus

Adrianna Poindexter: Lady Macduff

Erin Callahan: Boy (Samuel, Son of Macduff)/Mistress

Janice McDuffy: Lennox

Davon Williams: Ross

Daniel Armella: Seyton/Murderer

Justin Bryant: Malcolm

Matia Johnson: Murderer/Mistress

Titilola Verissimo: Mistress

Diane Wilder: Porter/Doctor


TANGO MACBETH is produced by Harmony Image Productions (HipCinema).

Nadine M. Patterson: Director/Producer

Marlene G. Patterson: Producer

Zane Booker: Choreographer/Associate Producer

Lenny Seidman: Composer

Sharon Mullally: Editor

Gail Lloyd: DP/Camera Operator

John Roberts: Art Direction/Camera Operator

Martha Conley: Assistant Director

Rashan Jackson: Assistant Choreographer

Justin Bryant: Associate Choreographer

Matia Johnson: Associate Choreographer

Alexandra Bailey: Associate Producer/Make-Up

Peter Price: Music Sound Engineer

Dan Scholnick: Assistant Music Sound Engineer

Brother Daoud Bey: Key Grip

Michelle Bullard: Production Assistant/Sound

Serena Reed: Sound Recordist/Boom Operator

Nadine M. Patterson: DP 2nd Unit/Camera Operator

Monique Payton: Camera Operator/Production Assistant

Nadine Schnieder: Continuity

Gary Smalls: Props and Wardrobe

Carmella Vassor: Camera Operator

Federico Spoliansky: Production Consultant (Argentina)

Jennifer Braxton: Production Manager

Kimberly Fonville: Caterer

Adele David: French Language Translation & Subtitles

Glenn Barratt: Sound Mixer @ Morning Star Studios

William Shakespeare: Writer of “Macbeth”

Nadine M. Patterson: Writer of Adaptation “Tango Macbeth”

Plays & Players Theater: Location

Arcadia University: Location

The Beautiful Homes of Pelham Road in Mt. Airy: Location




Thomas Flanagan

Rick Ianacone

Paul Alexandre John

Peter Price

Lenny Seidman and the Tabla Choir

Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra


Jorge Retamoza and Tango XXX


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