Nadine Patterson is an award winning independent writer/producer/director. Her training in theatre, immersion in documentary film, and intense study of world cinema enable her to create works grounded in historical contexts, with a unique visual palette. She earned her Master of Arts in Filmmaking at the London Film School. She operates the production and consulting company Harmony Image Productions with her mother Marlene G. Patterson. Through the company they make multicultural films and media content.

Over the past 20 years she has taught video production at West Chester University, Temple University, Arcadia University, Drexel University, University of Western Sydney (Australia) and Scribe Video Center. She was the only filmmaker selected for The Biennial 2000 at the African American Museum in Philadelphia.

Some of her films include :  “I Used to Teach English”, Winner Gold Apple Award 1994 National Educational Film/Video Festival, Oakland, CA; “Anna Russell Jones: Praisesong for a Pioneering Spirit”, Best Documentary 1993 African American Women in the Arts Film/Video Competition, Chicago, IL; “Moving with the Dreaming”, Prized Pieces award from the National Black Programming Consortium in 1997; “Todo El Mundo Dance!” selected for the 2001-2002 Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival. Other notable works include: “Shizue”, screened at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1991;  “Release” shown at the Constellation Change Dance Film Festival of London in 2006; and “Tango Macbeth” screened at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens New York as part of Warrington Hudlin’s ‘Changing the Picture’ series.

She received funding for her film work from The Philadelphia Foundation, The National Black Programming Consortium, The Bartol Foundation, and The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. She was granted a 2010 fellowship in the arts to develop the feature film Tango Macbeth from the Independence Foundation.  In 2011 she published her first book Always Emerging about her experiences as an independent filmmaker. In 2012 she completed her first feature narrative film Tango Macbeth which has screened in film festivals in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Mar del Plata Argentina and Paris France.  You can follow Nadine Patterson on Twitter @hipcinema [Photo by Carlton Jones]


Tango Macbeth(Philadelphia, 2012, HD, 73 min) Writer/Director. A documentary film crew follows the creation of a new dance theater film piece called Tango Macbeth. Occasionally the actors become lost in Shakespeare’s intense drama.

Release (London, 2005, Super 16mm, 13:05) Writer/Director/Editor.  This film is about the power of dance to communicate the things that we cannot express in words. Husband and wife dance couple separate when she pursues a career overseas.  He stays behind to raise their daughter.  In 2006 Release was screened as part of the following film festivals: Constellation Change Screen Dance Festival in London, the Dance Boom Film Festival in Philadelphia, the Roxbury Film Festival in Boston, and the Denver Pan African Film Festival.

Cosmic Trane (Philadelphia, 2003, DVCAM, 14:00)  Cosmic Trane is a 14-minute experimental video that uses music, movement, visual art, and documentary footage to convey some of the issues explored in John Coltrane’s music. Broadcast on WYBE TV 35 as part of Philadelphia Stories.

LoqueeshaAshleyFranklinJoséBrown (2001, DV 18:00)  Produced by Harmony Image Productions. An experimental documentary about children in Philadelphia, with poetry by Ursula Rucker. Screened at the High Falls Film Festival in Rochester, New York and the 24th Mill Valley Film Festival in California. Broadcast on WYBE TV 35 –Philadelphia Stories. Shown on DUTV.

Moving with the Dreaming (Australia 1997, 29:17) Explores the cross-cultural collaboration between African Americans and Aboriginal and Islander Australians in the area of modern dance and social activism. Broadcast on public television in Philadelphia PA and Tucson, Arizona. Winner of a Prized Pieces award of the National Black Programming Consortium 1997.

Anna Russell Jones:Praisesong for a Pioneering Spirit (1993, 26:00) Meet Mrs. Anna Russell Jones, a textile designer in the1920’s and 30’s, a WAAC during World War II, and a nurse in the 1950’s- a professional career woman ahead of her times. Narrated by Toni Cade Bambara. Aired on WHYY TV 12. Winner of best documentary African American Women in the Arts Film /Video Festival Chicago 1993.

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